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Confucius Institute Multilingual Magazines – Newsletter No.23
孔子学院总部多语种期刊电子简报 第23期
The Confucius Institute Directors, teachers and volunteers form a dedicated and hardworking team. Please enjoy the stories of directors, we wish to share the experiences they have accumulated while engaging in cultural exchange.
Cover Story:The Stories of Directors
Relationship between Chinese and Local Directors
Much like most other Directors working at Confucius Institute for the first time, I inevitably encountered many trivial things I couldn’t help but get caught up in… More

和大多数初次接触孔子学院工作的其他院长一样,我一开始也不可避免的陷入各种琐碎事情…… 更多

Chinese Culture and Language Class for the Young at Heart
Beyond the typical primary, intermediate and advanced Chinese classes, the Chinese culture and language courses established by the Confucius Institute at the University of Leipzig also include special ones, such as painting and calligraphy class, cooking class, and classes for overseas Chinese children. Among all those classes, the most unique one is the class for the young at heart. More


Two people I met in San Marino
In 2015, I was appointed as the Chinese director of the Confucius Institute at University of the Republic of San Marino and during my stay there I have been much impressed by my contact with local people. Terenzi, like an ordinary easy-going old man in the neighborhood. Sometimes, he loves playing jokes like an old naughty boy, and his assistant just calls him “Pinocchio ” for fun. Another story is about a mayor who impressed me deeply. More

2015 年,我赴圣马力诺大学孔子学院担任中方院长,与当地人们的接触给我留下了深刻的印象。泰伦齐先生就像一位邻家老头,完全没有架子。有时候他像一个老顽童,他的助手戏称他是“匹诺曹”。另一个给我留下了深刻印象的,是当地一位市长。 更多

I could understand the cultural confidence that the ambassador’s words conveyed
When the speech was coming to an end, a student raised a question, “Mr. Ambassador, most Chinese students can understand you when you speak in German, but if our ambassador gives a Chinese speech in Germany, how many German people can understand him?” The ambassador replied with a smile, “You can understand because of the Goethe Institute and our unswerving efforts to promote German in foreign countries. If your ambassador gives a Chinese speech abroad, then I am wondering what you have done to introduce your language and culture.”At that time, Hu Chunchun was sitting there as one of the audience. More

演讲快要结束时,一位同学问道,大使先生您在这里用德文做报告,大多数中国学生都能听懂。那如果我们的大使到德国去做报告,有多少德国人能听懂呢?大使笑道:“你们之所以能听懂是因为我们有歌德学院,我们这么多年不遗余力的在海外做宣传。如果你们的大使到国外做演讲,我想请问的是,你们为传播自己的语言文化做了些什么?” 当时胡春春就坐在台下听讲座。 更多


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